“Neat” Wine

I just finished reading Ancient Wine : The Search for the Origins of Viniculture. The book is fairly dry and a bit hard to read. That being said, I enjoyed it. Some interesting points:

  • King Midas was a drunk who loved wine (well maybe)
  • Wine residue can be found in pottery chards about 7,000 years old
  • The flavor/tannins imparted by Oak are similar to the resin that pine imparts in wine. These resins have antioxidant properties among other things.
  • Greeks drinked well made wine “neat” and added water to other wines – I know many California wine makers who would argue that it has now reversed but I am not sure they are correct.

Our tasting in Rochester went wonderfully well. Craig, a friend from Kodak, did a great job helping me pour wines and explaining the history of donkeys in wine making. The employees at WineSense were very helpful and it made for an enjoyable evening. If you visit the store, wish Kristin a belated Happy Birthday.

Happy Holidays from Gibson, Isabel, Tracey and Jared

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