Hot weather and vineyard update.

The Bay Area is having another record breaking hot day today. If this were 2004 or 2005, I would be worried but with the late start of the growing season, the hot weather is probably a good thing.

We have visited all of our vineyards over the last three weekends. Some notes and links:

  • Brosseau (Arroyo Seco about 15 miles away and often warmer.)
    • Chardonnay – light set with Ver Jus harvest date of about August 1
    • Syrah – strong set on all clones
  • El Dorado Vineyards(Camino weather station – east of Fenaughty about 1.5 miles.)
    • Fenaughty Syrah looks great with a strong set
    • Fenaughty Roussanne – yes something new for us – hard to tell.
    • Girard Mourvèdre – this site is clearly behind where it was last year at this time
    • Girard Grenache Noir – another new addition
    • Wylie Syrah – Yep, we keep adding them but we didn’t visit
  • McDowell Valley (Hopland weather station – 2 to 4 miles west )
    • Old Vine Syrah – everything looks good
    • Old Vine Grenache Gris – large crop
  • Broken Leg (Boonville – vineyard is cooler and gets more fog)
    • Syrah – shows a good set which will probably need to have some fruit dropped
    • Viognier
  • Vidmar (Boonville – vineyard is warmer with less fog)
    • Syrah – shows a good set on both clones
  • Marin County (Barnaby – not sure how similar the weather)
    • Chardonnay – another new one

A great map with real time temperatures can be found at http://www.met.utah.edu/cgi-bin/droman/mesomap.cgi?state=CA&rawsflag=1

Now off to the pool to cool down with my daughter.

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