Grenache Gris

We picked the Grenache Gris this morning – 4,700 pounds worth. I think the quality of the fruit is the highest it has ever been. The morning started slowly – I made my coffee at 4:30AM with hand ground beans from Isabel (the name sake of the rosé). I didn’t think it was strong – turns out she only grinds decaf.

We got at the vineyard around 7:20 and started immediately. The crew quickly picked/filled all 160 of our bins. In my sorting, the first of two for this wine, I only found two clusters with rot. Very usual for these vines which were planted long before I was born.

By 8:30, we were back on the road headed for Berkeley. The grapes are cooling off – going to 8 degrees (Celsius) getting ready to be sorted a second time.

Tomorrow morning, Fenaughty Syrah and our first use of the four ton fermentor.


  1. Hi, folks– just got a heads-up on Grenache Gris from a journalist in Québec who worked ’07 crush in Rousillon with Matassa- it’s in French:

    Would love to try your stuff, who grows it where??
    Sorry I couldn’t discover you while hangin at Crushpad last year– making Pinot with Alan Baker, and a couple other projects.
    Going to Argentina, hope I can blog halfway regularly…
    All the best with your ’07’s!!

  2. The Grenache Gris is from McDowell Valley in Mendocino.

    It is generally sold out – if you stop by the winery we can try one together…

    As for Crushpad, we stopped using the space in Feb 2006. It was great to use the equipment there but we wanted more flexibility on scheduling etc so we moved to our own space.

  3. No idea how, but I *do* need to drastically improve my time mgmt– drove by some of McDowell’s old vines a couple times, as I welcomed ’07 at a lovely B&B in Lakeport, owned by a couple of Bay area ‘exiles’ — & Bill Crawford was generous & sharing of his wine once I worked Rhone Rangers tasting show strike logistics…always left stopping in for later, damn.
    Also, Winemaker dinner that same year featured Steve Edmunds, something of a Berkeley wine pioneer…
    could use some help with basic info, as I’m diving feet first into trying to make a test barrel or three of ‘secondary’ grapes (Barbera, Bonarda, Tannat…?) cofermented with Torrontes & i’d like to keep the process as non-interventionist as I can talk an Agentino partner into…

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