Shopdropping and the Rockettes

Today is the day where I think most of America has the time to read the paper. I read both yesterday’s and today’s sipping on our Roussanne. More about that later. Two articles caught my attention. One on shopdropping, the other on the Rockettes.

Shopdropping is the term for taking stuff to the store that doesn’t belong and placing it on the shelf. The NYT has a great photo from Walmart with the cashier trying to ring up an Anarchist action figure. We shopdropped inadvertently in 2005 when working on our label. We took a bottle of our 03 Syrah with the new label to Wholefoods in San Francisco and placed it on the shelf to see how consumers would react. Several people looked at it and then it disappeared into a shoppers cart. We never did figure out if it got rung up.

The other article that struck a chord with me was about the Rockettes. Perhaps in April (we will be selling wine in NYT), we will go see them. I never have.

The Rockettes dance the American dream in wondrous synchrony — row upon row of long legs and glittering teeth. As an anti-depressant they could put Zoloft out of business. I like them especially with their antlers on. They can pull my sled any day. Only a young country could produce the Rockettes, and we should be very proud. – Bernard Holland

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