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I love talking with consumers

Last night, I heard from a customer who had asked about natural fermentation and yeasts. Anyway, her email ended with a tasting note that was wonderful.

BTW, I got a hold of a bottle of your 2005 Vielles Vignes McDowell Valley Syrah and enjoyed it with a friend the other night; we grilled up some country-style pork spareribs and doused them with an Asian-style bar-b-que sauce I concocted from bottled KC-style bbq sauce, sweet Indonesian kecap soy sauce, sake, rice bran
oil,passion fruit puree, red chili garlic sauce, and fresh garlic, ginger
and scallions…That Syrah is literally the best-tasting, most exciting
domestic wine I have tried in a very long time. What I was really impressed
by were the endless layers of complex, deep meaty, spicy and sweet flavors
and aromas all hitching along on a surprisingly light-textured medium-bodied
wine- not the ginourmous, more one-dimensional wine one so often encounters
in warmer California Syrahs. The finish on this wine is also stunning-long,lingering and luscious. A $145.00 finish on a $45.00 wine! A sexy, but not slutty wine! The whole is an ethereal meeting of new-world ripeness of fruit with the more subtle and enigmatic old-world qualities that I love in Rhone red wines. I have tasted McDowell Valley old-vines Syrahs before, but they never tasted this good. I can’t wait to try more of your wines.
Take care,

Was a great way to end a long day. I am hoping to connect in person with Nora to talk more about natural fermentations and enjoy a glass of wine.

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