Meeting Alice Feiring

We went last night to hear Alice Feiring read from her new book The Battle for Wine and Love or How I Saved the World from Parkerization. (Parker isn’t a fan – Forbes recently published his views.)

It was very interesting to see the polarization of the people in the audience. Alice stated that she thought there was more to wine than a simple number – some jumped on the band wagon and talked to her about their love for understated wines that expressed something unique. Others argued that Parker followed that line of thinking and gave examples.

One of my favorite wine makers was brought up – the late Eduardo Valentini. His wines were his – his rose often had a slight amount of CO2 left in it (or perhaps it came about after bottling). I loved them and cherish the few I have left. I don’t know how he was rated but I think Alice appreciated his desire to do his own thing.

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