Writing Wine Notes

Tracey does the majority of the work on creating our wine tasting notes. I know, it doesn’t sound like work but it is. Each wine has to be tasted, contemplated, re-tasted, described, over-analyzed and then written about. Last spring, she started having friends come over and taste the wine – ones with great palates who can articulate what they are tasting. Being able to describe it is often the hardest part.

Having friends help has made this laborious process much more fun.

This past Sunday, we had Burt, Brad, Paul, Thomas and Chris all over to the winery to taste our 06 Vieilles Vignes Syrah, 06 Fenaughty Syrah, 07 Tamarindo Roussanne and our first reserve – an 05 Syrah from Brosseau.

All of the wines were suffering SO2 shock. We keep our wines with basically little to no free SO2 until the are moved to tank for bottling. At that stage, we move the free S02 to usually 25 PPM. The first days/weeks after we do this, the wines all taste muted. Missing their aroma.

Even with the SO2, I think the wines tasted great. We have been changing our style a bit – the 06s have much more pronounced tannins. The 07 roussanne is closer to what one expects from this varietal and to quote Thomas – “it seems like walking through a flower stand first thing in the morning”. And the 05, well, we are really proud of it. Anyway, release party is coming up on September 13th.

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