Pricing our Reserve

With our fall release this year, we will introduce a new label design and a new wine – our 2005 Reserve Syrah. This wine was aged for 32 months in an 2 year old (now 5 year old)
François Frères barrel. We racked it three times, once at a year old, then again at the two year mark and finally into tank for bottling a few months ago.

We struggled with naming this wine since Reserve is, well, just too reserved. Of course, at the end, we decided that it was okay. We also struggled with the price. We have heard that there is a dead zone for wine in the $20 to $60 range. Happily this hasn’t been true for us to date. (Knock on wood!) Several friends who tasted the wine suggested $75 would be the right number but we didn’t feel like vines that were merely 4 years old could truly justify that price despite the extended aging. In the end, we decided on $55. Though we remain concerned about the dead zone, we are sure those who try it will like it and hopefully purchase it as well.

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  1. *I* think y’re being generous & should hit the sweet spot at that price point. Sorry I’m not making the Open House, shd be in town hopefully by 1st wk October, hope to finally meet you then– save me at least a bottle of that Reserve to put down, have a feeling you will do a brisk business! 😉

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