Two recent reviews by consumers

With the recent posts about our wine making style, several people have decided to give our wine a try.

First up, a positive review from a consumer who wants to hate us. We are very glad he liked the wine despite his thoughts on the name/label.

2006 A Donkey & A Goat Syrah – The Recluse
I want to hate this winery because of their annoying name and hideous labels. I don’t think I’ve tasted their wines before but man was I pleasantly surprised. Yes, very big but 100% pure and wonderful syrah fruit and perfume. Not quite Cote Rotie but lighter, yet somehow bigger. Like a fat man dancing on his tippy toes – like the big man from Sopranos. You’d think it would be hideous, but quite the opposite. Very nice stuff.
A. deMello – Mark Squires’ Bulletin Board on eRobertParker.com

Keith Levenberg, another poster on Parker’s board, went out and bought a bottle of our wine and wrote a very thoughtful review. I am super glad that Keith took the time to try the wine before passing judgment on the way we do things.

To me, the most interesting wines are not interesting because they taste a certain way, but because they do something. This surely qualifies. The tart, lemony acidity contributes to the brightness of the fruit profile, but its main appeal to me has less to do with the flavor than with the sense of tension it imparts. That tensile sensation is the difference between a wine that feels listless and one with real energy.

Keith Levenberg – http://pickyeaters.blogspot.com/

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