Isabel’s Pink shown on the WSJ

Isabel’s Cuvée is shown on a recent video on the WSJ. Too bad they aren’t drinking it- it is tasting great.

We have also been getting lots of consumer feedback which we love. From a recent CellerTracker note by MrFroopy

Really really juicy, yet dry and delicious. More body than I usually like in a rose but this pulls it off with nice all around balance..
a tiny bit too much of that grenache sweetness on nose.. but that is my pet peeve.. would like a tiny more minerality, but this wine rocks.. one of the best
california Vin gris ever.

Grenache does have a sweet nose. I always notice it on our 13 series wine for the first two or three years.

I recently bottled the last of Isabel’s Crazy Rosé . We made about 15 liters. It was basically unsulfured, unfiltered, aged sur lie (and lots of lees!) rosé. The nose smells of peanuts and sherry – we intentionally let the wine be exposed to the air. The body, pure grenache gris. People who have tasted it either love it or hate it. If you happen to come by the winery, ask for a taste.

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