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Summer Time in Berkeley

Last year, if you remember, a leading “conservative” commentator was promoting that all Americans should not do business with Berkeley since the city supported a group trying to stop Marine recruiting. Melanie Morgan since lost her job and the boycott seems to have disappeared.

We lost an order over it and I started to doubt Mrs. Morgan conservative credentials. A small business should suffer over a parking space? (And of course, I don’t think the boycott was thought through. The Mayor is an ex-Marine. Berkeley may be liberal but Cal runs Laurence Livermore Labs which both works to protect us from various attacks and designs the next generation of nuclear bombs. )

Anyway, we just spent a long weekend at Berkeley’s Family Camp. It was delightful and I think it is as close to the 1950s I will ever get. The camp, run by Berkeley’s Parks and Recreation, is located near Yosemite. We stayed in a small tent cabin within feet of the Tuolumne river. Isabel spent time with other kids in Kiddie Camp, playing on the beach, hiking and having fun. The wonderful staff did everything from feeding us 3 meals a days to singing campfires and even putting on a play.

It was over 100 degrees on the day we arrived. We chilled our 4 13 and drank it cool. Turns out, it drinks well in 1950 or at least 3500 feet above sea level…

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