Chardonnay Fermentation and Golds

Early this morning, I went and checked on our Chardonnay barrels. Each year, we try and fill the barrels to just the right height – an impossible task. I find that the native yeast, from Brosseau, are very foamy in there first few days of fermentation.

On a different note, the Journal of Wine Economics just released its newest issue. The lead article analyzes the reliability of Gold medals awarded at 13 California Wine Fairs. “An analysis of over 4000 wines entered in 13 U.S. wine competitions shows little concordance among the venues in awarding Gold medals. Of the 2,440 wines entered in more than three competitions, 47 percent received Gold medals, but 84 percent of these same wines also received no award in another competition. Thus, many wines that are viewed as extraordinarily good at some competitions are viewed as below average at others. See the full PDF here.

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