Nice Review on Tasting Table

Monday started out badly. Internet connection at the winery was down, printer didn’t want to run UPS labels for kegs and I was running late. Then, I read the review on Tasting Table – turned my Monday around.

For its newest wine, the Northern California winery harvested a cool-weather grape in a warm-growing region in which the vines were fed by their own disease-prone roots. Still, this singular wine shines in the face of adverse conditions.

We’ll chalk up the eccentricities ofImprobable Chardonnay ($24 for 750 ml) to the growing methods that winemaker Jared Brandt employs. Most grapevines are new growths that have been spliced onto old roots, a process called grafting, which was put into use at the turn of 20th century to avoid phyllorexa, a disease that attacked grapevines.

We are so glad that they liked it. Read the whole article on Tasting Table.

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