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Lily’s Cuvee

Our first Pet’ Nat is au naturel – meaning no additives, leaving the sediment in the bottle as ample proof of the natural and unfiltered wine making process. Most wines contain these unnecessary additives:

Before popping a bottle open to enjoy, here are a few simple steps to get that natural sediment out. Donkey & Goat’s Pet’ Nat may be slightly tricky to open, but the effort is worth the reward!

How to properly open a bottle of Lily’s Cuvee:
First, place the bottle upside down on its stand and put in the fridge. Leave until all sediment has settled in the neck and the wine is clear. This will take around 24 hours.

Second, carefully move your bottle to a sink or a bucket filled with 4-6 inches of water (enough to cover the neck) while holding it upside down.

Third, take a bottle opener and remove the cap while continuing to hold the bottle in the water. Allow the sediment to pour out of the bottle.

 Fourth, watch for the sediment to fall out and quickly turn the bottle right side up! The wine should be clear.

Lastly, enjoy!

Our Pet’ Nat is available in our three-wine Red, White, and Bubbles package. It contains:
• 2010 Stone Crusher Roussanne, El Dorado ($30/btl)
• 2009 Perli Vineyards Syrah, Mendocino Ridge ($38/btl)
• 2011 Lily’s Cuvée, Chardonnay, Anderson Valley Sparkling Wine ($28/btl)

$69 for a great Valentine’s Day set!

If you need further encouragement, here is an instructive drawing (compliments to Isabel!).

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