Tasty Thursdays #5

Summer’s finally here and it’s the perfect time for American staples, especially with July 4 around the corner. Besides firing up the BBQ and breaking out the chips and salsa, a go-to easy food for the 4th of July is none other than good old pizza.

At Co. (pronounced company) in NYC, pizza is the specialty. Their pies range from classics like the Margherita pizza, to more hardy pies like the Popeye pizza (with pecorino, gruyere mozzarella, spinach, black pepper, garlic). Sounds delicious to us!

Anna-Lisa, General Manager over at Co., thought our Sluice Box has been an interesting and versatile addition to their list at Co. She found that our Sluice Box could hold up to their red pies and meatballs, but also paired nicely (maybe even more so) with Co.’s white pies. Currently, Co. likes pairing our Sluice Box with a seasonal favorite:

Pea & Prosciutto pie (bechamel, paremsan, mozzarella, peas, prosciutto, mint)

“With a touch of citrus, the bright peach, pear and apple notes of this unfined and unfiltered blend mingle nicely with a pie that is simultaneously rich and fresh (and very savory) at the same time.”

We’ll have to try that next time we’re in NY, which is actually in a month or so!

Co. is located on 230 Ninth Avenue, New York, NY 10001
You can visit their website here.

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