1102-GRN: '11 Grenache Noir

2011 Grenache Noir

El Dorado

When we take visitors to our various vineyards in El Dorado, many are surprised to see our Grenache, growing in a traditional manner, without a trellis system. Instead of training the vines to follow a wire, these vines are allowed to grow as a bush. This naturally lowers our yield per vine and consistently provides better fruit intensity without unreasonably high sugar or low acidity. In some spots, the vines are spaced with 5 feet by 5 feet spacing, further intensify the flavors while minimizing sugar. Efforts in the vineyard pay off in the winery with a traditionally made Grenache. De-stemmed and whole cluster are mixed in a 5 ton wood fermenter and allowed to ferment naturally. As in all of our wines, nothing is added ��_ no commercial yeast, no nutrients, no additives. JUST Grapes. After fermentation, the wine was pressed to neutral French Oak and aged for six months. This bottling is a select set of barrels exhibiting the youthful energy we wanted to capture in bottle. After tasting our a previous vintage of our Grenache, Jon Bonne, wine writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, tweeted that we were the ��Grenache Whispers��.

Deep, bright red color with earthy and meaty notes laced with spice and red and dark berries. A lush texture with an array of juicy red fruit flavors with a minerality that adds vibrancy and helps to extend the long and focused finish.

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