2010 Stone Crusher Roussanne

2010 Roussanne

Stone Crusher

El Dorado

In 2010 Jared took a deep dive with his skin fermentation experiments for white wines and left 100% of the Elen Ridge on the skins in open top wood vats for 9 days. At day 10, with the tannins getting strong we pressed to neutral barrels where the wine stayed. Like all of our wines, we fermented without the aide of nutrients or enhancers, employing the wild yeast from the vineyard. Likewise, malolactic fermentation was natural and finished entirely. The cooperage was neutral French oak. The wine was bottled without clarification, stabilization or filtration.

Be warned: this natural wine wins no awards for clarity but will please and even delight when put on the table next to an array of cuisine (paella, Indian cuisine, tapas, scallops and much more). Honeysuckle, jasmine and baked nectarines mingle with cinnamon and apricot aromas to entice and excite. On the palate, if not for the zippy acidity, this wine could easily be mistaken for a red with such weight, tannin and lingering finish.

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