2012 Grenache Blanc, Skin Ferment

2012 Skin Ferment Grenache Blanc

Orange Wine

El Dorado

In 2012 we further experimented with Grenache Blanc on the skins (orange wine). We had one vat on the skins for 6x days and 4 vats for 11x days. Our 'regular' Grenache Blanc included 18% skin fermented wine or the 6x day and one of the 11x day barrels. This wine is a 2 barrel blend where both were 11x day skin ferments which makes an entirely different wine that is incredibly fleshy with long tannins that linger for minutes, not seconds. This is a wine that demands a table of food and perhaps an open mind. Comparing the this wine to our 'regular' bottling is definitely a fascinating tasting that will impress the geekiest of wine geeks!

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