2015 Alphabet Soup

2015 Alphabet Soup

Shockingly fun red (in color) wine where the blend is 58% white grapes

El Dorado

Tasting this wine in barrel confounded Tracey for much of the year. While blending red and white Rhône varietals is nothing new, Jared’s balance of white (58%) to red (42%) is atypical to say the least. The name was a reference to the confusing assortment of parts that came together in this unusual blends that resulted in a shockingly fun red wine that earns Tracey’s esteemed moniker, “wimpy red.”

Tasting Note:
Big, bold fruity notes bring back memories of hot summer days with a cold glass of fruit punch (dare we say Kool-Aide?!). Bright cherry, citrus and pineapple excite the senses. After the first taste the juxtaposition of the more serious palate shatters preconceived notions. Earthy notes, minerality and substance are hiding behind the juicy façade. Nicely structured with a soft and juicy finish that leaves you wanting more.

  • Appellation: El Dorado
  • Vineyard: Fenaughty
  • Varietals: Grenache Blanc, Grenache Noir & Roussanne
  • Harvested: September 4 & 15
  • Barrel aging: 7 months in neutral French Oak barrels
  • Bottled: Unfiltered on July 27, 2016
  • Production: 48 cases
  • Release date: Fall 2016

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