2018 Sauvignon Blanc, Skins

2018 Sauvignon Blanc, Skin Ferment

Made from mountain fruit at 2450' & the newest edition to our (skin ferment) family

Mendocino Ridge

Making Sauvignon Blanc has long been on the bucket list for Tracey & Jared. Influences include Sancerre, in general, and the wines of Domaine Lucci and Stanko Radikon in particular. The Mariah Vineyard sits at 2450 feet and a mere 6 miles from the Pacific Ocean and this block is dry farmed. They craft this wine by macerating on the skin for 8 days in puncheon oak upright vats.

Tasting Note:

Hay and honey, stone fruit, and a sweet arugula spice entice the olfactory. This wine brings tangy flavors of key lime, and meyer lemon to balance with a spicy textural depth and a hint of salinity. The skin contact gives an otherwise crisp wine, a beautiful richness and depth of character.

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