2018 Stems + Skins, Chardonnay

2018 Stems + Skins, Chardonnay

An exciting new varietal to add to our list of Skin Ferments!

El Dorado

The inclusion of stems and/or skins can dramatically impact every aspect of a wine. The decision of when to include, how much, and for how long, are pivotal considerations that determine the final character of a wine. Chardonnay has been in the Brandt’s cellar since 2003, so it’s puzzling why it took 15 years to bottle a skin ferment version, but regardless, we are sure glad they finally did!

Tasting Note: This wine is an intriguing contrast between dry and earthy aromatics of wet stones on a foggy morning and a fruity pallet lifted by tart yellow citrus lifts that leaves your mouth watering and feeling refreshed. There is meat on the bones of this wine; it is hefty without being cloying. With its duality, we see great potential in food pairings of fat & oil. Smoked trout rillette, pork belly, fried chicken, anyone?

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