2018 Pet Nat, Ramato Pinot Gris

2018 Ramato Pet Nat

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Anderson Valley

We have made a Ramato (skin contact) Pinot Gris from the magnificent, certified biodynamic, Filigreen Farm since 2014. Our 2018 was celebrated in the press, designated the the Best Pinot Gris of 2019 and a became a Top 100 wine from Wine & Spirits Magazine! But this is our sparkling Ramato Pet Nat which hasn’t been made since 2015. Like all of our Pet Nats, this is a zero-zero wine where we bottle before our spontaneous fermentation completes so it continues in the bottle, making those delicate and delicious bubbles.

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Tasting Note:

If Pet Nat can be refreshing and hardy, it might just look like this Sparkling Ramato. Allowing the skins to soak during fermentation has built this wine's sturdy structure. You can satisfy your late Autumnal cravings by enjoying its notes of late-harvest honeycrisp apples and pears. But if you've got an attentive nose, you'll find that the aromatics hint at the promise of spring blossoms and wild strawberries to come. In the meantime, enjoy a bottle with your favorite pork roast or pumpkin curry recipes.

  • Appellation: Anderson Valley
  • Vineyard: Filigreen Farm (biodynamic)
  • Varietal: Pinot Gris
  • Clone: Clone 4 & 152 on 5BB
  • Age: Planted 2001
  • Elevation: 400 feet
  • Soil: Alluvial with gravel & clay loam
  • Harvested: September 17, 2018
  • Crushed: September 18, 2018
  • Pressed: September 24, 2018
  • Fermentations: Wild yeasts & bacteria in stainless and glass bottle
  • Bottled: September 2018
  • Disgorged: May 2019
  • Production: 55 cases
  • Release date: Winter 2019

Wine & Spirits Magazine says ourRamato [ is the year's Best Pinot Gris & a Top 100 Wine!]( is the year's Best Pinot Gris & a Top 100 Wine!)

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