2019 Kraisey Pet Nat

2019 Kraisey Pet Nat

Last made in 2013 and with a mere 49 cases made....run don't walk!


This is the first of three unique Pet Nats releasing in 2020 and the last time Tracey & Jared made Kraisey it was 2013! There is no question — this one is a keeper. Like all of our Pet Nats, this is a zero zero wine where we bottle before our spontaneous fermentation completes so it continues in the bottle making those delicate and delicious bubbles.

Tasting Note:

Picture yourself by the Caribbean seaside, sipping something fizzy and breathing the faint waft of ocean air. Notes of white cherry, red raspberry and tart Red Delicious apples are cut by thyme and white sage. While bright and vivacious, Kraisey carries some heft. Enjoy when you’re dreaming of the intersection of Summer and Fall.

  • Appellation: Mendocino
  • Vineyard: Testa
  • Varietal: Merlot
  • Age: Planted 1939
  • Elevation: 1300 ft.
  • Soil: Decomposed sandstone & Pinnobie loam
  • Harvested: September 18, 2019
  • Pressed: September 18, 2019
  • Fermentations: Wild yeast & bacteria in stainless and glass
  • Bottled: October 2019
  • Production: 49 cases
  • Release date: Spring 2020

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