2018 Alveare

2018 Alveare, Fenaughty Vineyard Marsanne

Layers of texture laced with bright notes & minerality. 279 days on the skins in clay vat.

El Dorado

Making white varietals like we make red (skin contact) has long been a practice at Donkey & Goat. Our first attempts were with Roussanne way back in 2007 (does anyone remember Tamarindo?). Today we make quite a few skin contact (aka Orange wines). Here we have a newer wine. We made our first vintage in 2017 after we purchased our first handmade Italian Clay vats. Today we have 3, plus a Sandstone, to add to our wood, concrete and stainless vats. Worth noting, no plastic. Never plastic!

This wine spent 279 days on the skins in our beautiful clay vat that looks like a beehive. Even though that is 250+ days longer than any other skin ferment wine we make, this wine is not hugely tannic or rough. Rather, it provides a textural massage of the palate with long and lush tannin. Extraction is complicated science that is far from linear. As is this wine.

Tasting Note: There is no one way to sum up Alveare. If we were to associate this wine to fruit, it'd be lemon pithe, sun-dried apricots, and preserved orange rind. But beneath that first impression, there’s an inner earthiness more akin to sour grass, cedar, and the saltiness of crushed shells. As the nights grow longer, we crave earthier meals. Alveare will be there to warm your soul and complement umami-rich flavors like sautéed shitake mushrooms and ginger-spiced porkchops.

  • Appellation: El Dorado
  • Vineyard: Fenaughty
  • Varietal: Marsanne
  • Clone: Tablas
  • Age: Planted 1990
  • Elevation: 2600 feet
  • Soil: Decomposed granite w/red clay loam
  • Harvested: September 13, 2018
  • Pressed: June 19, 2019
  • Maceration: 9 months in handmade Italian clay
  • Fermentation: Wild yeast and bacteria
  • Bottled: August 6, 2019
  • Production: 62 cases
  • Release date: Winter 2019

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