2021 New Glou


The first taste of our new vintage that was on the vine less than 6 months ago!

Bright and light, acidic and juicy, and bursting with flavor


750 mL $26

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94 tons crushed here at 1340 5th Street and now it's time to party & celebrate with a wine that was on the vine only 3 months ago! That about sums up the spirit of our New Glou. Beaujolais may have been first to go global with the idea of bottling up a first taste of the new vintage after the long and demanding harvest, but California Nouveau is now firmly established and shows no signs of slowing down. Each year on the 3rd Thursday of November the tradition continues.

Our 2021 New Glou is chuggable, delicious and vibrant with exactly the right amount of big girl funk - our blend of Fenaughty Vineyard Rose of Syrah and Vermentino with Testa Vineyard Merlot will knock your socks off. It may not appear to be a white wine, but she should be served fully chilled, preferably while celebrating!

Tasting Note:

Our New Glou is a playful teasing nod to the Nouveau style! The milky magenta color lends proof to this zero-zero infant of a wine that is full of life and promise but too delicious to keep around long! Meant to be glugged, with a cheeky smile on your face and a twinkle in your eye. All that you would expect from a glou-glou wine, zingy, tropical, juicy hard candy with a little spritz to tickle your palate and ensure one glass will not possibly be enough. This is a celebration of the new vintage and the harvest. Serve chilled, and even enjoy in a special craft cocktail. (Yes, we said it, but don’t tell!)

  • Appellation: California
  • Vineyards: Fenaughty & Testa
  • Varietals: 63% Syrah, 10% Vermentino & 27% Merlot
  • Elevation: 2600 feet & 1300 feet
  • Harvested: August 28 - September 8, 2021
  • Pressed: September 2021
  • Fermentation: Wild yeast and bacteria in stainless & French Oak
  • Bottled: November 2021
  • Production: 300 cases

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