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Anderson Valley 2012 horizontal of Pinot Noir, Merlot & Syrah

Anderson Valley


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We headed to the Anderson Valley in 2004 seeking cool climate Syrah and specifically hoping to work with the Syrah at the Broken Leg Vineyard. The vineyard sits in a bowl whose steep slope rivals Côte-Rôtie and the name is a reference to when Steve Williams (the owner & farmer) planted the block of Viognier and broke his leg while working on these slopes nearly too steep to plant without terracing (which there was none!).

Tracey had chased down the inimitable Steve Williams, the first to plant Syrah in the valley, trying to convince him to work with us. We made Broken Leg Vineyard Syrah from 2005 - 2013. In 2007 Steve and Tracey got together and grafted the 1.5 acre block of Viognier above the Syrah to Pinot Noir and we make Broken Leg Vineyard Pinot Noir from 2009 - 2014.

That same year we began making Merlot from the Blakeman, the neighboring property which Steve also farmed. We made the Merlot from 2009 - 2014.

Once Steve became too sick to farm, we evolved our relationship and began leasing and farming the vineyard (with most of the heavy lifting being done by Steve's loyal crew). By 2014 we simply could not maintain the focus we wished to have on the vineyard with 120 miles between our home and winery. This nearly broke our heart, but we had to bow out.

This limited edition library pack celebrates our love for the Anderson Valley and Steve's legacy. It is exclusively available to members.

2012 Broken Leg Vineyard Pinot Noir

2012 The Recluse, Broken Leg Vineyard Syrah

2012 Blakeman Vineyard Merlot

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