Climate-Driven Creative Wines

Beginning with the 2021 vintage Donkey & Goat will produce many delicious wines under the broader Appellation of Origin designation for the state of California as opposed to the narrower federally recognized regions called American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) such as Rutherford or Anderson Valley. Traditionally wines with a county or state designation are perceived to be of poorer quality.

We adamantly refute that construct. We have forged a new path celebrating our California designation. Climate-driven creativity was our driving force as we blended the precious few wines made from El Dorado in 2021 which was devastated by the catastrophic Caldor Fire. We allowed ourselves complete flexibility to blend whatever we wished from our expansive array of vineyards and varietals grown in many of California’s most celebrated AVAs to create the most delicious and inspiring wine possible.

As we look forward, we are steadfast in our focus to manifest a future where wildfires do not destroy our creativity and ability to make delicious natural wine. A California designation represents ingenuity and freedom like Vin de France (VdF) which has evolved to be the ultimate expressive playground for French artisanal winemakers. Our many 2021 California Appellation wines were made with freedom and creativity which is why we call them Climate-Driven Creative Wines.

Tracey Rogers Brandt

P.S. Read more about our winemaking in The New York Times!



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